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FINDbase Worldwide

Welcome to FINDbase administration environment. Data entry and modification is only possible for registered users. There are three levels of registered users, as outlined below in hierarchical order:

Administrators have full access rights to all database's functionalities and contents.

National Coordinators have data entry and modification rights, registration and account activation for advisors/curators and data re-allocation to another advisor/curator. National coordinators are responsible for managing the overall construction and maintenance of a NEMDB, contributing to FINDbase. Their role is also to promote the usage of their NEMDB in their population and to promote investigations on those genetic disorders, which mutation spectrum is not yet known in their countries.

Advisors and Curators have data entry and modification rights only for those data entered by him/herself and under no circumstances can alter data entered by another advisor/curator. Advisors and curators are responsible for data entry in the NEMDB, for which they are registered. If an advisor/curator wish to end his involvement with FINDbase, their data are allocated to another curator who will then be responsible for their curation.